Chai Kings Loyalty Program: Sip, Earn, and Reap the Rewards!

Chai Kings, the ultimate destination for chai aficionados, is delighted to introduce its highly anticipated loyalty program. With its launch in December 2022, this program promises a delightful experience for our cherished customers across all Chai Kings outlets in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Bengaluru. In this article, we dive into the exciting details and numerous benefits of our loyalty program, inviting potential customers to join us on this rewarding journey.

Our loyalty program is simple and easy to participate in. For every dine-in or takeaway order, customers are required to provide their mobile number to earn loyalty points. Each point accumulated is equivalent to ₹1, which can be redeemed on subsequent orders. To kickstart the loyalty journey, new members are welcomed with a bonus of 30 points, setting them off on a path of instant rewards. Each time you wish to utilize your accumulated points, kindly notify our staff, who will generate and promptly send an OTP via SMS.

Unveiling the Benefits:

The Chai Kings loyalty program is designed to shower our customers with an array of advantages and privileges. Firstly, it serves as a wallet-friendly solution, allowing customers who order in bulk to reduce their bill amounts by redeeming their accumulated points. Whether it’s that extra cup of chai, a mouthwatering snack, or a special treat, the loyalty program enables customers to savor more for less.

Building Stronger Bonds:

Beyond the monetary benefits, our loyalty program aims to foster deeper connections with our valued customers. We strive to understand their preferences and offer personalized rewards and surprises that make each visit to Chai Kings a memorable experience. Our customers’ satisfaction and happiness remain at the forefront, and the loyalty program serves as a testament to our commitment to their loyalty and trust.

Expansion Across Cities:

The success and popularity of the Chai Kings loyalty program have led us to extend its availability across multiple cities. Whether you’re in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, or Bengaluru, the benefits of our loyalty program await you. We are excited to welcome new members from diverse locations, creating a community of chai lovers who can reap the rewards of their loyalty, no matter where they are.

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