RJ Balaji’s Veetla Vishesham Movie Promotion on Chai Kings Chai flasks and outlets raised awareness of his new film.


At Chai Kings, we constantly seek innovative ways to engage with our customers and promote unique experiences. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with RJ Balaji’s Veetle Vishesham movie by providing retail space on our 500ml Chai Flasks. These flasks, available for delivery through Swiggy and Zomato, allowed customers to enjoy our delectable chai while promoting the highly anticipated film. With each flask serving up to five people and nearly fifty thousand sold per month, our partnership created a remarkable platform for movie advertising. Combined with RJ Balaji’s social media promotions, the visibility and excitement generated were truly extraordinary. Let’s delve into this exciting collaboration and its impact on both Chai Kings and Veetle Vishesham.

A Unique Advertising Opportunity:

Recognizing the power of collaboration, Chai Kings decided to leverage the popularity of our 500ml Chai Flasks to provide retail space for Veetle Vishesham movie advertisements. With each flask ordered, customers received a visually appealing and functional product, while also becoming part of the movie promotion campaign. This symbiotic relationship allowed us to enhance the customer experience and extend our reach beyond our 50 operational stores in Chennai.

The Power of Chai Flask Advertising:

The 500ml Chai Flask provided an ideal canvas to showcase Veetle Vishesham movie advertisements. With its generous surface area, the flask offered ample space to display captivating visuals, intriguing taglines, and the movie’s release date. As customers indulged in our delicious chai, they became walking billboards, creating a buzz wherever they went. The flask’s mobility further enhanced the reach of the movie promotion, attracting attention in offices, colleges, and public spaces.

Massive Reach and Consumption:

With nearly fifty thousand 500ml Chai Flasks sold per month, the Veetle Vishesham movie advertisements had an impressive potential reach. Each flask being capable of serving five people meant that every order became an opportunity for multiple individuals to engage with the movie’s marketing materials. This exponential impact amplified the visibility of the movie and generated curiosity among a diverse audience.

Augmented Visibility Through RJ Balaji:

RJ Balaji, the talented actor and radio jockey, played a crucial role in amplifying the promotion of Veetle Vishesham. His involvement added an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to the partnership. RJ Balaji utilized his vast social media platforms to create awareness about the Chai Kings collaboration, urging his followers to order the chai flasks and join in the movie promotion. This endorsement further increased the visibility of the film and piqued the interest of his loyal fan base.

The Two-Week Advertising Campaign:

The Chai flask advertising campaign for Veetle Vishesham ran for a duration of two weeks. During this period, customers eagerly ordered our chai flasks, not only to savor our flavorful beverages but also to participate in the movie promotion. The visibility of the movie advertisement was maximized as the flasks traveled with customers to various locations, becoming conversation starters and garnering attention. The two-week campaign allowed for sustained exposure and ensured that the movie remained at the forefront of people’s minds.

Wedding Invitations:

Veetle Vishesham invitations were printed in the traditional wedding style, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the movie promotion. These beautifully designed invitations were not only distributed through digital channels but were also handed over to our dine-in customers. As customers walked into our Chai Kings outlets, they were pleasantly surprised to receive these special invitations along with their orders. This personalized approach created a sense of exclusivity and made customers feel like they were part of something special.


Display of Chai Flasks at Chai Kings Stores:

In addition to distributing the invitations, we proudly displayed the Chai flasks featuring the Veetle Vishesham movie advertisement at our outlets. This strategic placement allowed walk-in customers to catch a glimpse of the visually appealing designs, generating curiosity and interest in the film. By showcasing the Chai flasks prominently, we ensured that the movie impressions extended beyond the customers who ordered the flasks for delivery, reaching a wider audience and enhancing the overall visibility of Veetle Vishesham.


The partnership between Chai Kings and Veetle Vishesham movie marked a unique and successful collaboration. By utilizing our 500ml Chai Flasks as advertising platforms, we created an immersive movie promotion experience for our customers. The massive consumption of our chai flasks, coupled with RJ Balaji’s social media support, significantly augmented the visibility and reach of the movie. Chai Kings’ 50 operational stores in Chennai acted as a launching pad for this exciting campaign. We are proud to have played a part in promoting Veetle Vishesham and look forward to future opportunities that allow us to continue innovating and creating unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Do check out RJ Balaji’s Tweet of the promotions on Twitter

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