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At times, your simplest needs happen to be sadly out of your reach. You’ve always wanted to have a refreshing cup of chai on the go, or while at work, or get it delivered when you need it most. But invariably, you end up making compromises. You resort to a not-so-hygienic tea shop on the road, or spend your valuable time painfully dipping those tea bags into your cup.

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Being chronic chai buffs ourselves, we genuinely wanted to put a stop to all those compromises. And we wanted to delight every chai lover with the pleasure of enjoying this lovely beverage. So we thought the best way to do this is to blend high quality chai with top class service and give a wholesome experience to chai lovers.

At Chai Kings, our passion to serve you better keeps growing. We keep striving to widen your smile, and we are constantly reinventing ourselves to set higher standards in our industry.